On 26 Feb 2016, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) offered its services in representing Fredy Munemo, a former police officer, who became the latest person to fall victim to some overzealous elements within Zimbabwe Republic Police who arrested & charged him with contravening insult laws.

ZLHR says the 42 year-old Munemo was arrested & charged with disorderly conduct after he allegedly uttered some words accusing President Robert Mugabe of being drunken & no longer aware of what he was doing.

Munemo allegedly committed the offense on 20 Feb 2016 during an altercation with a serving police officer over the poor state of the country’s economy after he allegedly uttered the words; “Mugabe akadhakwa, haachaziva zvaari kuita….”

The unnamed serving police officer-cum-informant construed Munemo’s utterances to be abusive and meant to insult the ZANU PF party leader.

Meanwhile, during Mugabe’s time it was an offense to criticise him and his government.

At some point, a man was arrested for saying Mugabe was too old.

The man spent two nights in prison for allegedly  saying President Mugabe read a wrong speech because he was too old.

The arresting officers told a court that the man (James Mwaya) told a councillor in Bindura after an altercation that: “Mugabe is old. He can’t stand, that is why he read a wrong speech.”