Did World Health Experts Warn Zimbabwe over the Chinese SINOPHARM vaccine?

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A quick look through this viral document currently circulating on Zimbabwe social media will tell you whether it is true or just garbage from someone else’s computer. There are few things we have done to make a conclusion on this alarming story regarding Chinese made vaccines currently being administered in Zimbabwe.

Note the following:

Spelling mistakes for example popolace for populace,  thete for there, Wuahan for Wuhan, virulogy for virology.

Not a single name for the so called experts is mentioned or quoted.

The main source of the story is a fake url, the domain Blumburgblog.com where the story is allegedly taken is not yet registered and not in use.

unregistered website, domain name



Our Verdict: The article below is fake news

BREAKING: WORLD Health Experts WARN Zimbabwe authorities over the Chinese SINOPHARM vaccine.


World Health Experts and immunologists have strongly cautioned the Zimbabwe government in administering the Chinese SINOPHARM vaccine to its citizens.

There is a very big probability that tens of thousands of vaccinated people could perish in the process triggering an unprecedented genocide in medical history.

According to reliable sources at the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Sinopharm Vaccine was only ‘accepted’ by the WHO in its experimental stages but the end product was NEVER approved by the WHO due to the absence of test data from inside China itself.

In principle the WHO only approves medicines (vaccines included) ONLY and ONLY if there is sufficient and convincing TEST DATA on a number of persons (at least 1% of the population) of the Country manufacturing the drug in question.

In this instance, China has a population of 3 Billion (3,000,000,000) people, therefore 1% of 3 billion is equals to 30 million people who should have been vaccinated with the Sinopharm Vaccine in China and survived to tell the STORY?

In reality, China does NOT have any such data over the Sinopharm Vaccine testing process inside China itself.

The only vaccine that has been tested in China is the SINOVAX vaccine (which is the vaccine of choice in China).

The SINOVAX vaccine has been tested on ONLY 60,000 persons in China.

This means, out of the 3 billion people in China, only 0.002% of the 3 billion Chinese were vaccinated by the SINOVAX vaccine.

0.002% is a far cry from the WHO required 1% of the 3 billion Chinese = 30.000.000 (30 million) people.

On the other hand there is no DATA concerning the test vaccination of the SINOPHARM vaccine inside or outside of CHINA itself.

There are only rumours that the Sinopharm Vaccine was ‘force tested’ on about 1 million oppressed Muslim minority people in North West China.

There is no official data from the Chinese government over the fate of the ‘forced vaccinated’ Muslim minorities.

However alarming Reports from the Muslim community says all the 1 million ‘force vaccinated’ persons died within one week of receiving the SINOPHARM vaccine.

There are also reports mostly from Chinese government mass media publications, which claim the SINOPHARM vaccine was administered on huge populations in Brazil and in Pakistani.

However, there are no official data from both countries confirming the efficiency of the Vaccine.

Health experts in and outside Zimbabwe have therefore warned the Zimbabwe government from administering the Sinopharm Vaccine on its population without any concrete test data from within China itself.

Sceptics are however querying the conspiracy theory that the Chinese and Zimbabwe governments are colluding to test the Sinopharm Vaccine on 200.000 Zimbabweans which means with a Zimbabwe population of 20.000.000 this will mean exactly 1% of the Zimbabwe national population.

This 1% will serve as the WHO required TEST DATA for the approval of the Sinopharm Vaccine!

In related reports, there is mounting pressure from the US President, Joe Biden, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson or the German Chancellor on the Chinese to release Raw Data over the Corona Virus in the months before December 2019.

One of the Chinese Doctors (in hiding somewhere in South America) who handled cases of patients in Wuahan suspectedly infected with COVID-19 in August 2019, has explosively stated that over 1 million Chinese in the City of Wuahan died from COVID similar symptoms.

The same Doctor claims the Virus leaked the Wuahan Virus Laboratory.

The Chinese Military Intelligence then sent out secret service agents to deliberately spread the Virus all over the World in order to cover up its origins.

The WHO delegation on a fact finding mission at the Wuahan Institute of Virulogy recently in China has confirmed that the Virus did not originate from animals as the Chinese Intelligence has so far claimed.

The probability is very high the Virus was artificially cultivated in the Wuahan Institute of Virulogy and leaked into the surrounding populace by accident or by design.

All the same the Fact remains; thete is no Test Data of the Chinese Sinopharm Vaccine inside China itself and therefore the Zimbabwe government should NOT administer it on it’s citizen in the absence of such data (from test in China) as to the possible side effects and efficiency.

Injecting the Vaccine on the citizens of Zimbabwe would be experimental and possibly suicidal.

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Source: Blumburgblog.com