Court hears shocking details of Zimbabwe Form 2 student’s bedroom encounter with woman he met online

A CHITUNGWIZA WOMAN who made headlines after being nabbed for having sexual intercourse with a minor on Tuesday is now facing a rape charge.

Precious Teya(pictured), was not asked to plead when she appeared before Harare provincial head magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti-Guwuriro.

Teya was initially being charged for having sexual intercourse with a minor, who is 13-years-old.


She now has to seek bail at the High Court following the review and upgrading of her charge.

The court heard that on February 22, the complainant — a Form Two pupil at a renowned private school in Marondera — went on a dating site and selected Teya.


He followed the prompts and found a link to her WhatsApp number and after messaging her, she sent a list of the services she offered and the respective prices namely NURUV – US$15, FETISH – US$30, FULLHOUSE – US$40 and SEX -US$20.


The court heard that the complainant agreed and invited Teya for sex and she stated that she was coming the following morning and he asked her to bring sleeping tablets to give his siblings and she agreed.

It is further reported that the complainant told Teya to go back, but she forced herself into the gate then he asked for the tablets he had asked for and gave them to his siblings so that they could sleep while they were having sex.

The two had sex and when they were done, the complainant asked Teya to leave, but she refused demanding her money and this prompted the complainant to approach their neighbour asking for money amounting to US$120 so that she could leave.

The changing of prices after the deed has been done is a trick that is employed by some thigh vendors to extract as much as money as possible from their clients. They usually do this secure in the knowledge that the client will be too embarrassed to fight back as this would attract public attention.

Other more daring and greedy thigh vendors take pictures/videos of their clients in compromising situations and then extort them for all the cash they may have. A few years back, the issue became so prevalent in the Avenues area in Harare, that the authorities started warning men about soliciting women in the area for sex.

The neighbour then called the complainant’s grandmother and the matter came to light.

Moses Mapanga appeared for the State.