The bedroom tiger Slay Queen Lerato Habiba Makgatho who has been in news headlines in South Africa for all the wrong reasons has given more details on her infamous se_xcapades with two cabinet ministers.

According to reports published in news after the scandal was exposed, Lerato had indicated that Mantashe “The  Bedroom Tiger” is a beast in bed and he clearly knows how to satisfy a woman behind closed doors, unlike Mboweni whom she described as the opposite.

But she has appeared in a short video to let the world know that Mboweni is no joke when it comes to bedroom affairs and is certainly not a 1-minute man.

Lerato made headlines after she revealed sordid details of her se_xual affairs with South African Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe and Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni.

However, she is now seeking to correct some perceived misconceptions which resulted from her interview with the Sunday World.

Lerato insisted that she was never involved in a love triangle as she did not date the two Ministers at the same time. She explained that she and Mboweni broke up in November 2018, while her short stint withThe Bedroom Tiger Gwede Mantashe started and ended in the early parts of 2019.

She also insisted that she never said Tito Mboweni was weak in bed. According to Lerato, the fact that Mboweni was more conservative and traditional did not mean that he was weak in bed. She highlighted that on some occasions, Tito Mboweni actually lasted 6 rounds.

Said Lerato,

“I never said Mboweni is weak in bed or that he doesn’t last long. I just said he is more traditional, and different than Mantashe. Yes, Gwede is a tiger in bed but it does not mean that Mboweni is not good in bed or he doesn’t last long. It’s a lie. Mboweni is also good last time we had sex he lasted 6 rounds,” she said.


She claimed that her decision to release the details of the private affairs had been motivated by her desire to protect the two ministers from being blackmailed by people who had stumbled upon knowledge of the affair.

See Video below: