The Tobacco Industry and Marketing (TIMB) Board has appointed Meanwell Gudu as Chief Executive Officer, with effect from 14 April.

He takes over from Andrew Matibiri who has been at the helm for the last 15 years.

TIMB has been hunting for a new chief executive to replace Matibiri since last year.

TIMB chairperson Pat Devenish announced last year that Matibiri’s tenure as chief executive would end in April 2021 and that he could not reapply for the post.

“Matibiri’s tenure as CEO at TIMB is ending in April 2021; he has been CEO for the board for 15 years.

“He is not eligible to reapply for the post,” Devenish said at the time.

Meanwhile, prior to his appointment, Gudu was TIMB technical services executive.