President Emmerson Mnangagwa says there is an urgent need to align the Primary and Secondary Education sector to the Education 5.0 model.

He made these remarks when he commissioned the University of Zimbabwe Agro Industrial Park this afternoon.

The UZ converted part of its farm land into an industrial park that will expose students to industrial experience during their studies in line with Government’s Education 5.0 policy.

“The teaching of Competency based New Curriculum must have the bigger picture in mind; it should never be perceived as an end in itself.

“Under the Second Republic we have indeed become a nation of action.

“The Education 5.0 heralds a new education system which is appropriate, relevant & responsive to the development expectations of our respective communities & the nation as a whole,” said President Mnangagwa.

He added that the number of patents, products, intellectual property & various intellectual outputs from the UZ Innovation Hub & Agro-Industrial Park attests to Government’s drive to support the creation of a research, innovation and industrialisation ecosystem anchored on science and technology.

According to the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, under Education 5.0, Zimbabwe’s state universities must launch into outcomes-focused national development activities towards a competitive, modern and industrialized Zimbabwe.

It is now all about problem-solving for value-creation, as stated by the ministry.

The immediate must-do for the country’s committed Education 5.0 subscribed state universities is adopting and nurturing a job-creator (JCR) mode mindset.

The job-creator mindset demands close interaction with their host communities to identify economic opportunities to not only inform their curriculum trajectory but, most important, innovation and innovation research and development agenda.

Another must-do for any serious Education 5.0 subscribed state university is to immediately operate in the industry solutions provider (ISP) mode.