Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Walter Mzembi says those who lie about the country’s food security situation should be charged with treason.

His calls comes after some cabinet ministers have been accused of not telling the truth with regards to Zimbabwe’s food security situation.

The Grain Marketing Board recently told a parliamentary committee that the country has food that covers around three months.

However, the Ministry of agriculture has been giving a different and conflicting statement.

“Lying & Misleading about the Food Security of a Country is Treason .

“Territorial Intergrity & Sovreignty are not the only security threats to be guarded against by a country, next to these and of equal importance is Food Security.

“It should be kept away from propaganda and reported accurately without falsehoods or spin, the consequences of doing so being that it can plunge a country into unimaginable chaos & hunger,” says Mzembi.

Drought is looming for the country with crops showing moisture stress.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, World Food Program, millions of Zimbabweans face hunger this year.