Thisflag Mawarire, Tajamuka to besiege Mugabe in US

United States based Zimbabwean exiled pastor Evan Mawarire of this flag protest movement is organising a massive US Demo at the United Nation’s general assembly (UN) this weekend against President Robert Mugabe.

The demonstrations will be for the whole week in New York where Mugabe and his wife, Grace, are expected to be.

Mugabe who left Harare on Wednesday to attend the 17th Non-aligned Movement summit in Venezuela will proceed to the US to attend the UN general assembly.

Mawarire will be joined by opposition MDC members who are based in the United States of America.

Mawarire has already appeared on video and various news outlets warning Mugabe of a rough ThisFlag welcome in the US.

The protests at the UN headquarters in New York will start on Saturday, September 17th until the 22nd of the same month.

According to Mawarire, the protest is aimed at reminding the 92 year old leader of the calamity he has brought to Zimbabwe through misrule and incompetence.

“As Robert Mugabe comes here to attend the United Nations, we will be waiting for him… Let’s refuse corruption, let’s refuse injustice, refuse poverty in our nation of Zimbabwe,” Mawarire said.

Mugabe is also set to be reminded about missing human rights activist, Itai Dzamara, who was abducted by suspected state security services in Harare in March 2015.

ZimNews could not verify if Patson Dzamara, Itai’s brother, will also be confronting Mugabe this coming weekend.