Only Zimbabwe Soldiers Get Paid This Month

President Mugabe’s government will only manage to pay Zimbabwe’s soldiers this month due to acute cash shortages.

Zimbabwe National Army personnel will get their salaries on the 29th of September.

The police, often used as attack dogs against protesters will get their salary pay in October on the 6th.

Below is a full salary schedule released by government today.

ZNA – 29/9/16

HEALTH – 02/10/16

ZRP/PRISONS – 06/10/16

EDUCATION – 14/10/16

Rest of Civil Servants – 21/10/16

PENSIONS – 27/10/16

The latest salary debacle is a vindication to Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa, who warned that there is nothing in the government coffers to pay civil servants.

There are rumours that the above proposed dates are not certain as there is not any money available at the moment.