At just 23 years of age, Midlands-based budding rapper, Truth, appears to be exactly what the doctor has rightfully ordered inasfar as the fast-rising Zim-Hiphop genre is concerned.

Born Clinton Moyo in Kwekwe some 23 years ago, the undeniably talented singer who will celebrate his birthday in style by recording his debut six-track album on 22 September this year is definitely one for the future, if some single audio and video clips he availed to this publication are anything to go by.

Having already tasted the aggressiveness of onstage competition during the Bata Mic Rap sessions in Harare last year after faltering in the semis during his debut physical appearance on the podium is now in the studio, working on the upcoming album.

“Since 2019 when I turned professional, I have primarily been recording singles and double singles,” the hip-hop crooner told this publication in an interview this week.

“So, I have managed to record quite a number of tracks working with local producers, notably Six Nation Studios here in Kwekwe. I am just perfecting on the tracks that will make up my album,” Truth said.

“I get my inspiration from J Cole and JayZ and it is my dream that one day, my name will also get mention when these luminaries of the game are mentioned’.

The title-track of the forthcoming album, he said, will be The Truth.
Some of the songs that will likely be endeared with local artists include the title track, The Truth, Mamuka Sei and Ndiko.