Actor Thembinkosi Mthembu plays Mabutho in ‘The River’

Fans of The River have fallen deeper in love with the character of Mabutho (Thembinkosi Mthembu) after he stole money only to give it all to the needy in his community.

After watching his impoverished community struggle, Mabutho decided he couldn’t take it any more knowing that there’s something he can do about it. So the charming widower decided to plan a heist in the form of bombing an ATM.

Much to the viewers’ surprise, Mabuthu actually pulled off his plan and walked away with the money. Instead of keeping it all for himself, he donated a part of his loot to the community’s soup kitchen headed by Mam’ Flora.

He then took a large sum of the money and stocked up Paulina’s “critical but stable” tavern before giving some to Khabzela who had unknowingly participated in the crime by driving Mabutho’s getaway car.

Instead of earning him hate, Mabutho’s “Robin Hood” stunts got him more love from fans of the popular telenovela and they were blown away by his “selfless” act. Tweeps sang his praises and all said they wish they had a brother, cousin or friend like him because they sure could use an anonymous envelope filled with cash on their doorsteps.

Check out the reactions in memes below: