Chitungwiza Municipality has given Nyatsime illegal settlers up to March 23 for them to demolish their structures and stop any construction works happening there.

In a statement the authorities have ordered any persons occupying illegal stands to demolish, vacate and restore sites to their original state.

The area is occupied by some people who got offer letters from council and some from land barons making it difficult for council planning processes.

“Now, therefore take note that in terms of section 32, you the persons and your associates are hereby ordered to immediately discontinue forthwith any developments, construction works, occupation or any use of the said stands.

“Avail all the paper work in your possession to council through the office of the acting town clerk showing that you are in legal occupation of the said stand,” reads the statement.

Those without adequate papers have been advised to do so by March 23.

In the absence of the documents, you’re hereby ordered to demolish the illegal structures, vacate the land and restore the site to its original state by March 23, 2021.

“This order shall come into operation on the 23rd of March 2021 unless, in terms of section 38 of the Act, an appeal is lodged within one month from the service of this order…

“Whether or not an appeal is lodged against this enforcement order by any person, the Municipality of Chitungwiza may, in terms of section 34 of the Act, at any time before it comes into operation, serve a Prohibition Order, prohibiting continuation of all or any of the operations or uses specified on this Enforcement Order,” the statement reads. H-Metro