Zanu PF secretary for the Commissariat, Victor Matemadanda had spewed venom on the country’s oppositional establishment, describing them as a confused lot, in the aftermath of the foiled street protests last Friday.

Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, Matemadanda said opposition leaders in Zimbabwe are bent on sacrificing the general citizenry for their own benefit, as they have failed to lead from the front.

“We have led protests ourselves, the biggest ever and we led from the front, we never sacrificed other people for our benefit. In fact, we protected our people and offered ourselves,” said Matemadanda.

“The opposition is confused because right now they say everything went according to plan, they never wanted to get onto the streets but to cause work stoppage. Why didn’t they tell their supporters that?” he said.

Matemadanda also said Harare has laws that are there to safeguard the rights of all citizens, and not only opposition political parties.

“We are a constitutional republic where the law is there to protect the rights of all citizens and not only opposition political parties. In every constitution the world over, it is provided that there shall be a defence and security force whose work is clearly expressed. It is the duty of any elected government to defend and protect property. No Government will fold its hands while the opposition gangs up to overthrow it,” he said.

His comments come in the wake of foiled demonstrations last Friday.

In typical fashion, Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Government deployed security forces in the country’s major towns and cities, who restricted the movement of people on 31 July.

Most of the activists who called for the foiled demos have since gone into hiding whilst others have been arrested following a police blitzkrieg targeting opposition figures.