Those who are familiar with the Biblical story of Judas Iscariot, would say not all kisses are a sign of love.

All that glitters is not gold, some would say.

Apparently the coronavirus pandemic which has shaken the world upside down, has brought with it new demands, breaking the social fibre in the process.

Even when one needs a shoulder to lean on, like during bereavement, coronavirus has brought a new normal which forbids people from gathering.

Under this new normal, the one who loves you the most, is the one who tries to stay as far away from you as possible, unnecessary movements, visits are discouraged under this set up.

This writer once experienced a heartbreaking response from one of the best family friends, after asking to charge his laptop.

“Hello George! Are you home? I just want to charge my laptop, here we have no power since last week,” this writer said on the phone.

“Hie Jack. How are you? Yes I am home.

“You may come, but with this COVID-19 issues, we have been trying to keep our social distances. I hope you will find another way. All the best,” came the response.

Reading between the lines, this response directly shows that the plea to go charge his laptop had been denied.

At face value, this writer would have hated his friend for denying him the chance to just charge his laptop.

More over the family friend knows very well that this writer uses the laptop for work purposes.

Failure to charge the laptop, means no work, means no bread on the writer’s table, yet a good friend says you can’t come to charge it.

Meanwhile, that is the new normal, the friend might seem unreasonable, but he did it out of love.

He was trying to keep social distance in good faith and for the benefit of both his family and this writer’s.