In the late former President Robert Mugabe’s undertone, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has warned the British to mind their own business.

“What’s ours is ours and theirs is theirs. For me to have such a mind its from belonging to the party having a patriotic revolutionary mind.

“Many perished during the war for our freedom. Mbuya Nehanda said mapfupa angu acahamuka,” he says.

Speaking while officiating at an oxygen gas production plant in Mutare this afternoon, Mnangagwa said the British gave Zimbabwe sanctions adding that when covid 19 came, they thought Zimbabweans were not going to survive.

“Britian gave us sanctions. When covid came the western countries celebrated to say many Zimbabweans would die but we through our scientists started making our own oxygen.

“Not many were pleased with us taking our land kutsamwira kutibira. Its the British people angry because we took our land back. We should be happy for making people and their land unite,” he said.

Apparently, Britain and other Western countries imposed ‘targeted’ sanctions on Zimbabwe over human rights abuses.

However, Harare says the sanctions were given as punishment for taking back its land.

Late former President Mubage once told the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair to keep his England while he keeps his Zimbabwe.

“So Blair keep your England and let me keep my Zimbabwe,” said Mugabe at the time.