The write up below is an Academic perspective with the expressed views being those of the writer and no one else.

Even from a legal layman, it is clear that the appointment isn’t constitutional.

The Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.20)Act 2013:Chpt 5:104:3 “Ministers and Deputy Ministers are appointed from among Senators or Members of the National Assembly, but up to five, chosen for their professional skills and competence, may be appointed from outside Parliament.”

Simply, I think a VP can be in-charge of a Ministry or ministries where it means superintending over, or playing an oversight role of a department or departments that remain with their Minister or Ministers.

Note that Mugabe did it at one time and even ended up with Senior Ministers (Maurice Nyagumbo Political Affairs to frustrate, monitor and cage the erand and ambitious Dr Edison Zvobgo, Dr Bernard Chidzero Economic Affair to reign in the Aristo Chambati etc).

At independence, Mugabe was Prime Minister and Minister of defence, Muzenda Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of labour).

It looked like they (Bob & Mzee) wanted to cut on Government expenditure or costs yet it was politically a strategic game meant to consolidate power.

The VP is not from Senate, House of Assembly or Medical Profession.

The Presidential fingure (I tentionally, deliberately or otherwise) was simply pointed at him or, could it be merely in his direction and thats he became a Health Minister.

If any thing, Chiwenga might have been demoted (and not respected) or is on his way to that frustrating demotion.

Dr Chiwenga has now been confined to a Ministry and so can’t easily superintend other Ministries as VP, especially the Security Ministeries that include the Ministry of Defence and War Veterans’ Welfare, where his influence must be tamed at every cost.

By salivating at and accepting unintelligently this poison carrot, Chiwenga is disarmed with his teeth and influence removed completely.

This spells nomore coup environments.

The Garwe now remains comfortably in still waters, closing his eyes during mid-day siestas and in deep sleeps every night, moreso in that Shiri is nomore too.

Chiwenga is being blackmailed, he is made to carry the burden and blame for the poor performing Ministry where money for Covid19 disappeared, allegedly looted by those with power out of close association with the First Family.

Chiwenga must religiously clean all that mess with his bare hands or/and in the process;

i). clash with the appointing authority if he points a fingure at the looters who are allegedly First Family close connections or/and members,


ii). clash with the povo if he protects the looters and the First Family,


iii). further strain his relationship with the Health Ministry Officers and employees. Remember that at one time as Acting Head of State, Chiwenga fired all striking nurses and junior Doctors. Chiwenga’s image is already tainted before assumption of responsibility. Health workers have no joy, faith and hope in him or even reason to believe that the “axeman” will be of help to their cause and that of the Health Ministry as a whole. Chiwenga aitwa Chikorobho.

iv). how will VP Chiwenga supervise the new Health Minister in himself?

No man can supervise self. It’s like someone setting and marking own exam, it can’t work, it won’t work, and it will never work simple!

Handei tione.

Mubatsa Godfrey BCom Hons Public Administration – Reformed Church University.
(The views are of the writer and no one else).