Actress Siyasanga Papu, left, plays Pretty in ‘Gomora’, Connie Chiume is her mother, Sonto, and Katlego Danke is the favourite daughter, Thati.


Knowing how much Gomora’s Sonto loves her “Thati ma baby”, fans of the fave telenovela have found themselves shook by the hostility between the two after Sonto confessed it was her hijack lackeys who killed Thati’s husband Mbongeni.

At the beginning of the story, life changed for Thati after she and her corrupt, rich husband were hijacked one fateful evening. What Thati didn’t know — not for lack of trying — until now was that it was her mother’s orders that led to the hijacking in which her husband was killed.

Mbongeni’s murder created a devastating domino effect for Thati and her children, moving them from Sandton to Alex and seeing them start their lives over with far less comfort than they were used to.

However, Thati got her groove back and eventually joined her mother in the car hijacking business. Things were going relatively well until Sonto began being haunted by a ghost (read Mike) and all her other sins and confessed to knowing who killed Mbongeni.

Now Thati — who is surprisingly cold and without remorse — has her mother tied onto a chair and is holding her hostage. Sonto is hoping for an amicable end of the dreadful situation that has her feeling hopeless and weak.

Meanwhile fans can’t stand the change of pace. They are so used to Thati being Sonto’s fave and vice versa that the current storyline is too much for them.

On Thursday night, when Thati was busy interrogating Sonto, fans couldn’t believe the hateful fire in her eyes, and when she shouted, “Shu’rup” (shut up) at a stuttering Sonto and Sonto replied with the “yoh yoh yoh” scream, that sealed it for tweeps!

Here are some of the reactions: