TAPIWA Makore Jr’s family has relocated to Harare after its relationship with families of those involved in his murder soured.

Nyamutumbu Village in Murehwa, which they once called home, is now fraught with tension between them and their relatives following the brutal murder of their seven-year-old son for ritual purposes.

“We have relocated to Hatfield because of the tension among family members. The environment was no longer good for my family, especially because the murder was committed by a relative.

“The place also kept on reminding me of the gruesome murder of my son, especially every time I meet Tapiwa Sr’s wife.

“To reduce the trauma and avoid drama, I decided to relocate,” said Munyaradzi Makore, Tapiwa Jr’s father.

He said he is not sure if he will ever go back to his rural home.

He said the family hopes that the distance between Murehwa and Harare will allow them to rebuild their lives and find the closure they so desperately seek.

Tapiwa Jr’s mother, Linda Munyori, said she will never forgive her son’s murderers because of the permanent scar his murder had left in her life.

“I understand the death sentence is what they deserve, but I wish they could feel the physical pain my son felt before he died.

“There is no longer unity within the family because some family members still think and believe that Tapiwa Sr is innocent.

“That’s why we decided to move out of the village,” she said.

Tapiwa Sr and Tafadzwa Shamba were given the death penalty yesterday

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