Norton independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says he is going to write a letter to International Police (Interpol) not to release money to the Zimbabwe Republic Police because of corruption.

Mliswa says the US$2 million Zimbabwe ‘corruptly’ paid Drax for medical supplies is still stuck in Hungary and the corrupt ZRP bosses are pushing subordinates to write favourable letters to Interpol so that they can get that money.

He says some senior police officers have been fired for not taking commands to write good letters to Interpol to make sure that their bosses get the money.

Mliswa says Drax boss Nguwaya sold items for only US200 000, but inflated the prices so that they would share the remainder with those involved in the deal including police bosses.

“That money should be returned to national Treasury as it is taxpayer’s money. The level of corruption is too much.

“I shall be writing to Interpol Headquarters to tell them not to release that money to any account except the Zimbabwe Treasury,” says Mliswa.

Mliswa thanked investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono for breaking the corruption story which led to the sacking of former minister of health, Obadiah Moyo.

“Whether you like @daddyhope or not, he was correct when he revealed all this.

“We can’t be quiet when such corruption is happening.

“We don’t mind getting arrested or dying. Kufa ndekwaMwari we can’t be silent anymore,” says Mliswa.