Online casinos are changing the way most gamblers play casino games. They have not only made the variety of games almost infinite, but have also made the gameplay experience extremely convenient and affordable. You no longer have to leave your workplace or home to have a go at the fun offered at the casino. This can be good or bad depending on whether you are addicted to casino games or not.

Online casinos, such as the ones that review, offer a wide range of games including poker, slots, blackjack, roulette and craps. Some of them also come with different themes, whistles and levels that will make them more fun and challenging for gamblers.

Different online casinos have some similar games and some unique to them along with bonuses, promotions and rewards to sweeten the deal. Access to all these comes with security concerns, therefore, online casinos have put up some measures to make it more secure. Here are those measures.

Random Number Generation

Odds are the name of the game when it comes to casinos. Ever gambler hopes the odds will be in their favour when they have a go at an online casino game. One of the ways casinos ensure that the odds are fair is by using RNGs, random number generators. They help maintain the randomness of the odds in the games. Rather than have a live dealer, RNGs do the work to make sure that your game are not fixed or manipulated by third parties. You can play with the knowledge that all that is happening is mostly fair and giving you the best chance at winning.


Before joining an online casino, a gambler needs to establish whether they are licenced by a reputable body. Reputable licencing bodies add a stamp of approval of the legitimacy of an online casino to deliver on what it promises. Some of the bodies that do this are the Malta Gambling Authority, Isle of Man, the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Authority. Different licences may require operations to take place in different jurisdictions so some casinos may have multiple licences. These licences should give the gambler peace of mind about the safety of their information.

SSL Encryptions

Due to the nature of online casinos that are run over the internet, it is expected that a lot of information will be travelling back and forth between the gambler and the casino. This includes both financial and personal information. The challenge is, there are always fraudsters looking for ways to access this information. Online casinos prevent fraudsters from gaining access to information by using encryptions which ensure that data is only seen and used by the people it is intended for. SSL, Secure Socket Layer, is the most popular form of encryption that prevents unauthorised third parties from accessing financial details. Online casinos with SSL certificates have a padlock symbol in the URL tab which is visible on desktops and mobile apps. Going further, some casinos use 128-bit encryption to add to the security.

Blockchain Technology

Since it is still fairly new, it is one of the least used forms of security but it is picking up steam. Blockchain technology goes beyond offering security for information but also privately records player behaviour, manages financial transactions and keeps tabs on game outcomes. Additionally, it provides opportunities for secure payment with several cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum which ensure the safety of your financial transactions between the casino and yourself allowing you to focus on the fun and entertainment of the games at the casino.


Using online casinos for your fun and entertainment comes with its risks. Since you are on the internet, you are exposed to so many other users who could have good or bad intentions. While there to have a good time, you want the least or no interaction with the bad and casinos do a great job at ensuring that. By employing blockchain technology, encryptions, licences from reputable bodies and random number generations, they can ensure you never have to worry about your information falling into the wrong hands. Since not all casinos are created the same, it is up to the gambler to perform their own due diligence to confirm whether their choice casino has these in place.