Zanu PF Kwekwe district headquarters has now been seized by boxers and karatekas employed to beat up perceived rivals of the newly elected District Coordinating Committee (DCC), a senior party official has said.

Speaking to this publication in a wide ranging interview yesterday, Zanu PF Secretary of Education in the Midlands Province, Tapiwa Muto said “the party office has now been seized by rogue elements hired to beat up anyone who is perceived to be their rival”.

Muto’s sentiments come in the wake of reports that district youth chairperson Moore Muzira was recently assaulted by a one Honest Diura who is also a longtime aide to Kwekwe DCC Secretary of Finance, Kandros Mugabe.

Diura hogged the media limelight after he, and two others who include Stanford Zibako and Tadzoka Nago reportedly made attempts at blocking the motorcade of Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Kwekwe early this year.

“It is so pathetic and the new DCC is actually doing the party a great disservice. The place has eventually been transformed into a boxing arena where assaults have become commonplace” Muto told Zwnews.

“What is even more worrying is the fact that Cde Muzira was attacked by someone who holds no position either at grassroots or any other level in the party yet the Kwekwe DCC has not been able to either reprimand or take punitive measures against the perpetrators.

Added Muto:

“The Zanu PF Kwekwe district headquarters used to be a place where anyone would come and have their grievances heard. But since this new DCC assumed office, the place has become hell on earth and some notorious hooligans are now stationed at the office to fight perceived enemies who, to my surprise, are said to be within the party “.

“What this new DCC has been doing is in direct contradiction of the founding values of Musangano wedu we Zanu PF. This is actually the time that this executive committee must be trying to lure the electorate in the pursuit of ensuring that we get the projected 5 million votes and ensure that President Mnangagwa is smoothly re-elected into office when 2023 comes”, he said.

Narrating his ordeal to Zwnews, Muzira said he was attacked after he had accompanied one party official to the Zanu PF Kwekwe district headquarters for a meeting.

“In actual fact, I had gone there in the company of Cde Kudzanai Chikwanda who was supposed to attend a meeting at the party office. However, my suspicion was stoked after some apparently hired hooligans had gathered close to my car and as I moved out of my vehicle to greet some DCC officials, Diura came and inexplicably started beating me up”, Muzira said.

“This happened in full view of some DCC members who paid no attention to the assault. I sustained some internal injuries and my left ear has been aching uncontrollably ever since that attack. It was apparent that Diura was paid by someone to assault me, and since I had no option, I  ended up reporting my case at ZRP Kwekwe Central, ” he said.

Diura is currently remanded out of custody on $10 000 bail and is set to appear in court on July 21, 2021.

Efforts to get a comment from Zanu PF provincial spokesperson Cornelius Mupereri were fruitless during the time of publishing.