Businessman Tazvi Mhaka has finally addressed the swirling rumors regarding his alleged involvement with the wife of his close friend, Wicknell Chivayo.

The saga commenced when Tatenda Karigambe, better known as Queen Tatelicious in social media circles, sparked the controversy. Venting her dissatisfaction, Tatelicious pointed out Wicknell’s generosity towards DJ Fantan’s family, contrasting it with apparent neglect towards Fantan’s colleagues, Levels and Ribhe, who are also active members of ZANU-PF in Mbare. She went further to insinuate that Tazvi Mhaka, referred to as “besty waWiky,” was romantically involved with Wicknell’s wife.

Tatelicious’ post quickly gained traction on Facebook, with her identifying the source of the rumor as Moblessing, Wicknell’s sister.

In response to the damaging allegations, Tazvi Mhaka took to Instagram to set the record straight. He vehemently denied the accusations, labeling them as baseless and unfounded. Additionally, he dismissed claims suggesting paternity of his friend’s children, highlighting DNA tests confirming their true parentage.

Challenging those behind the slander to produce evidence supporting their claims, Tazvi Mhaka remained confident that such evidence does not exist, dismissing the allegations as malicious fabrications.