Tawanda Muchehiwa who was once abducted by alleged state agents using Impala Car Rental vehicle is now starting new life in England.

ZINASU president Takudzwa Ngadziore broke the news adding that the students’ body will always demand justice for Muchehiwa.

“I’m delighted to report to our Students Movement that Tawanda Muchehiwa, who was almost killed by the regime in July last year, is beginning life as a law student at the University of Leicester in England,” he says.

He added: “We remain resolute in demanding justice for Tawanda. For this cause, some of us now bear scars and #FreeMako remains shackled.

“The regime and its collaborators like Impala Car Rental have not heard the last from us. ZINASU is relieved Tawanda can now get on with his life.”

“We thank the efforts of many, who know themselves!”

Meanwhile, Ngadziore said
ruthless regime has always subjected them to torture, unjust arrests, inhumane abductions and unnecessary surveillance.

“Shockingly, after being the perpetrators of such ills, they turn to labelling. We love Zimbabwe & we never want to leave! Make it SAFE FOR US ALL!,” He said.

He added that as outgoing President of ZINASU he will make sure the quest for Justice for Tawanda is made a lifetime resolution.

Ngadziore said this will be first in the history of ZINASU, meaning the coming leaders will always be aware that Impala Car Rental MUST FALL, even after I’m gone.