Tatenda Karigambe is still detained in South Africa, it has been confirmed. A concerned Olinda phoned South African Immigration and was told that Tatelicious was held there. She was fine and was being fed but she has no access to a phone. She was denied entry because she did not have a visa. She is set to be deported back to Sweden later today.

Exact reasons for denial of entry were not clear at the time of writing amid suggestions that they centre around the fact that she does not have a work permit. The socialite was due to perform with rapper Stunner at the weekend.

The promotions team said even her lawyers were blocked from entering the airport to attend to her legal emergency.

“At one time we thought to get other lawyers thinking that all this failure is because the current ones are weak, but all was to no avail.”

The immigration officers said “we want to know where is she performing and what was the reason of her visit here,” the promotion’s agent hinted.

She was on Friday still held up at OR Tambo but the frightening thing is that the officers are not disclosing her condition, if she is okay and why are they still holding her at the airport instead of them deporting her back to Sweden, said the events management team.