37-year-old Zimbabwean actress Charmaine “Dodienne”  has starred in a Hollywood film, Emancipation, as the wife of American actor Will Smith.

Charmaine is based in Perth, Australia.

The film is expected to start streaming worldwide this week.


Charmaine “Dodienne” Bingwa on working with Hollywood star Will Smith

Reflecting on her collaboration with Will Smith, Charmaine Bingwa said it was a great experience working with him.

She said:

He’s very generous and I like to work with actors who, when you look in their eyes, you can kind of see the world in their eyes, and he has that.

And it worked because we had a great love to portray, you know? So, I’m very glad it was that way. It would be a different movie otherwise.

But no, he’s marvellous. I think the whole world loves him.