So yesterday Justice Mayor Wadyajena, your personal vendetta against Tagwirei was exposed. You have the audacity to excitedly spread falsehoods(that he fled Zimbabwe) and yet can’t explain the source of your own alleged wealth. What’s your source of funds for the Lamborghini purchase?

You who hardly attends Parly and only appear to attend the Agri Committee meetings you Chair to protect the deals you’ve struck in the sector. You milked enough from Tagwirei and now you can’t milk any longer you attack him.

From one legislator to another, I demand you reveal your source of wealth and taxes you pay. ZIMRA come in there; where’s the lifestyle audit?

Why didn’t @JusticeMayorW refuse the car and fuel from Tagwirei? Have you accounted for 120k litres fuel disbursed to you on behalf of Midlands as was donated? How does the economy grow and focus on production when money’s spent on Lamborghinis than a goat rearing project in Nembudzia.