Relatives of the late Upper-Room Ministries’ preacher, Bishop Barry Dambaza revealed that the family has experienced several suicides in the past.

Pastor Dambaza committed suicide earlier this week by throwing himself from the fourth floor of a building in Harare CBD.

The Dambaza family spokesperson, Tonderayi Ian Chimhuwa, brother to the late bishop, disclosed that the bishop’s father hanged himself on a tree.

Speaking during the burial of his brother, he said:

For your family, please plead his protection from controversial deaths, the death that saw our great grandfather drown in a river.

Your grandfather Dambaza was also found hanging himself from a slippery and tall gum tree just after independence.

Your sister also perished in that fatal accident in Harare, 200 meters before her destination.

Our brother Victor was found hanging in Chitungwiza.

Your fall from that urban edifice has increased insecurity, rest in peace my brother, father and icon.

Chimhuwa castigated social media for spreading rumours that the late Bishop’s wife was involved in adulterous affairs which could have pushed Dambaza to kill himself. He dismissed the claims as false.

He also urged the late Bishop’s church to punish those members responsible for spreading the malicious rumours.

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