Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao has said that his uncle’s last days were lived in agony and that he died a bitter man after being betrayed by his close acquaintances.

Giving an account of the former president’s last days spent under self-imposed exile in Singapore, Zhuwao sensationally told the City Press that Mugabe was deeply tormented in his last days.

“The old man loved watching news on television. However, since his unceremonious ousting from power in a coup in 2017, most of his former allies had turned against him and were uttering obscenities against him on a regular basis, something that scarred him immensely.
“For his own peace of mind, he decided to leave the country.

“For the five months that he spent in Singapore, only five days leading up to his death were spent in hospital receiving medical care.

“Mugabe had no doctor looking after him. Mrs Mugabe had to train staff to assist the family. He was looked after by domestic workers who had no medical training; these are the people who were assisting Mrs Mugabe to look after her husband.

He said such treatment would explain why the family was struggling to reconcile with Mnangagwa and his administration, which he accused of “grandstanding and wanting Mugabe to be buried according to their preference,” he said.

After the bitter fallout between Mnangagwa and Mugabe, the former president further showed his disapproval of Mnangagwa’s presidency when he endorsed opposition party, MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa for the July 2018 elections.

”Mugabe died more an MDC member than a Zanu-PF member. He even said, leading up to our elections, that he would be voting for Chamisa,” Zhuwawo expressed.