Cowards have burnt the car belonging to Mwenezi West lnd Candidate, Hon Tafadzwa Masvayamwando-Shumba. This senseless violence and cowardice is not acceptable. March on Shumba .

What happened: 

Mwenezi-Former Zanu PF Central Committee Member Tafadzwa Masvayamwando-Shumba who is the party’s current National Consultative Assembly member who said he felt extremely cheated in the controversial party internal polls has decided to go independent in Mwenezi West.
He said he decided to take the bull with its horns after his plea against the recent party primary elections fell on deaf ears, and he felt he had the electorate on his side if he decided to contest.
Shumba, who according to the announced party primary poll results came second after incumbent legislator Prisicillar Zindari-Moyo who is wife to Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) Director-General Isaac Moyo.
He said he for long had been a victim of rigged internal polls hence the decision to break protocol and heed to calls from the people of Mwenezi West.
In an interview with Tellzim News, Shumba, who vowed to be solidly behind the Presidency of Emmerson Mnangangwa said he will leave no stone unturned to campaign for Mnangagwa as he contests for the Mwenezi West Constituency as an independent candidate.
“My mission is to correct the wrongs which have been done as a result of the recent internal polls and I am very clear that as an independent candidate I am going to vigorously campaign for President Mnangangwa in Mwenezi West and he is definitely going to garner maximum votes,” said Shumba.
Shumba expressed confidence of victory saying his decision to contest as an independent candidate was a respond call from various locals who felt cheated by the outcome of the Zanu PF internal polls.
“Just imagine I first contested in the party’s 2013 polls for Mwenezi West legislators’ post and the polls were manipulated. In 2018 several ghost polling stations were erected and I was once again deprived of my right to represent the people of Mwenezi West.
“This time around several worse rigging mechanisms were employed and I raised red flags over the issue before and after elections. I wrote several letters to all the respective party offices, none of which were responded to. After realising that several attempts to seek redress from all the available avenues hit a brick wall the people of Mwenezi West themselves urged me to take the decision I have taken of contesting as an independent candidate,” said Shumba.
In his leaked address to the Masvingo Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) WhatsApp group announcing his decision to contest as an independent candidate, Shumba did not mince his words as he expressed anger over the manner in which his election petitions were swept under the carpet and vowed that there will be gnashing of teeth.
“I have come on this platform to tell you that the Second Republic did not come as manna from heaven. A lot of things happened with lives lost such that we cannot stand and watch.
“I have decided to make it clear to you that I have given you enough time to think about my fate in Mwenezi West and you have indicated that you do not care at all so I have seen it fit to go out there and defend the President with all my energy starting now going forward. What irks most is that there are a lot who were opposing the coming of the Second Republic but now they are ones who are at the forefront of enjoying its fruits.
“I have written several petitions but all in vain and have realized that the only way for the President to know that things are not ok here is through taking the decision I am taking now which is to defend him and I am going to expose a lot of things which I am not at liberty to expose here and I can tell you that there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth,” declared Shumba.
With Mwenezi West, being a known traditional Zanu PF stronghold, however, the throwing of the hat into the ring by Shumba as an independent candidate has been seen as a political gamechanger, with local political analysts predicting that given that a climate for free and fair elections prevails the contest is going to be the tightest of all races in the the district without a pre-determined winner so far.
“It is an open secret that Zanu PF rigged itself during the chaotic primary elections. In Mwenezi West a lot of disgruntled electorates had been promising a protest vote for too long and Shumba is likely to be the biggest beneficiary.
“Judging with the mood on the ground right now I can safely tell you that anything can happen and the coming in of Shumba into the race is definitely presenting a serious headache for incumbent legislator Moyo. She is inevitably going to have sleepless nights. The race is going to be one of the toughest and the electorate is likely to benefit immensely as contestants are definitely going to dish out everything at their disposal to win their hearts,” said a local analyst who refused to be named.