The wife of former Minister of State in Mugabe’s Government,  Sylvester Nguni, reportedly succumbed to COVID-19 yesterday, The Standard reports.

Nguni confirmed the reports and  told reporters “he wanted to be left alone as he was still in shock after the death of his wife.”

The twice-divorced Nguni’s wife was identified as 45-year-old Esnath Nyasha Nguni.

Exiled former Zimbabwe Prisons officer Shepherd Yuda posted a picture of the deceased’s resting place and said Nyasha was in South Africa recently for surgery.

He wrote:

Nyasha wife ya Sylvester Nguni has passed on – Covid related. She went for Surgery in SA and suspected might have contracted Covid in the process.
The gentleman lost his mother recently from Covid-19. Lets put him in our prayers.

The former Minister lost his mother to the disease last year, she became Zimbabwe’s fourth COVID-19 death in 2019.