Samson Muchirahondo

Zimbabweans across political divide are currently in a suspense mood ahead of the historic constitutional court ruling set to seal the fate of the disputed just ended harmonised election results.

The one of its kind case will be broadcast live on ZBC TV.

MDC-Alliance Presidential candidate Mr Nelson Chamisa is challenging the proclaimed presidential results by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission saying it falsely declared Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa as the winner instead of him.

The case will be heard tomorrow, Wednesday, 22 August.

What has left people in the suspense mood is not only the court ruling, but the easiness that president Mnangagwa has regarding the matter.

Interviewed analysts expressed mixed feelings over the matter.

A political science graduate Mr Takudzwa Mapiravana said Zanu PF’s current reaction over the matter leaves a lot to be desired.

“We are very grateful that the rule of law is now evident in the country, but what worries people most is that Zanu PF cannot be too trusted with its silence. Their silence leaves a lot to be desired if the court ruling moves against their favour a re-run is the most likely thing to happen, but people still have fresh memories of 2008 re-run were killings and victimization was the order of the day.

“People actually either Zanu PF or MDC are afraid of what tomorrow holds considering also the killings that happened after elections,” he said.

A Great Zimbabwe lecturer who preferred anonymity for fear of victimization at work also said the current situation in the country was volatile.

“This court ruling will be broadcast live and I suspect Zanu PF guys are panicking, not only them but judges as well because they want to set a trend that Zimbabwe upholds the rule of law.

“The challenge now is can judges work against their own bosses who appointed them. What makes the matter more interesting is that Zanu PF on its own it’s a house on fire, following the toppling of former leader Robert Mugabe, they are fearing that the ruling might work against their favour.

“Zanu PF is cunning remember the November soft coup? It’s quite a tricky situation but l think it’s a fair situation for both Chamisa and Mnangagwa,” said the lecturer.

A Kwekwe resident Mr Tawanda Makare said he was only leaving his hope to the spiritual world.

“I think people can debate or do what ever they can, but God has the right outcome of the leader whom he wants to lead us. Remember leaders are appointed and dethroned by God himself. Lets us leave everything to the almighty for now.”