Kariba residents and visitors are warned of 2 lions spotted along the Kariba-Makuti Highway, closer to the Waterfront Resort lodge ad well as at the Caribbea Bay Bus stop.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana confirmed the development.

Apparently, residents have lodged grievances as a result of lions straying from porous wildlife conservation parks into their villages.

At times unknown number of big cats have been said to be on the prowl in human-populated areas where they devoured livestock and, at times, humans.

At one point Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZIMPARKS) admitted that they don’t know how many lions have gone stray.

There are only about 23,000 lions left in the world, and Zimbabwe is home to more than one in ten, according to the ZimParks.

“We have a lion population of plus or minus 2,500 and we don’t really know how many of these animals have strayed (out of the park),” Tinashe Farawo, the ZIMPARKS public relations manager once said.