Toba Small: Ruthless cross border killer from Ntoli in Plumtree shot dead

A suspected notorious Zimbabwean armed robber from Plumtree, popularly known as Toba or Small was shot dead by South African police, sources say.

According to media reports from the neighbouring country, Toba was notorious for terrorising Plumtree villagers in Zimbabwe and some parts of Western Cape in South Africa.

Toba reportedly committed multiple robberies in Zimbabwe and South Africa before he was gunned down by members of SAPS.

He was killed by South African police after robbing a jewellery store in Plettenberg Bay, in the Western Cape area on December 6.

Toba was said to be part of a three-man gang that raided the jewellery shop before fleeing in a BMW vehicle.

The gang engaged in a shootout after they were intercepted by the police. One of the suspects was shot while the other two escaped.

The two suspects later hijacked another vehicle but the police managed to track them down and fatally shot Toba.

SA media reports that many social media users celebrated Toba’s demise.

One of such users said the man from Ntoli in Plumtree was ruthless.

“Toba is a man who would phone you to take your wife to him. Become intimate with her and tell you to go back with her thereafter. Toba would find you building your house, ask you to load all the cement, and drop it at his home.

“Toba is the man who when his grandmother was telling him to stop doing all these bad things, pulled out a gun, shot a cock and said to his grandmother, next time nguwe (it’s you).

“Toba is a man who when you join his gang and you think of pulling out, you are dead. He is the most feared man in Ntoli, Plumtree,” the unidentified social media user was quoted saying.

Another one who spoke about Toba being an alleged cold-blooded killer who murdered several people both in Zimbabwe and South Africa also said: “There are many people who died at the hands of this man. If you crossed his path, he would travel to Plumtree and hunt down your family.”

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