Over 70 unilaterally dismissed workers with the Indian-run Steelmakers Zimbabwe (Pvt) Limited have dragged their employer to the courts of law for alleged theft and fraud, Zwnews reports.

The aggrieved workers who are owed various amounts of money in unpaid wages and allowances by the Redcliff-based steel concern are this Monday expected to present their case at the Kwekwe Magistrates Court, represented by five colleagues.

Initially, the workers had filed a case of unfair dismissal and non-payment of their monthly earnings but suspected underhand dealings involving authorities at Steelmakers and some unnamed well-to-do officials from the Labour Court has seen the case transiting to Fraud and Theft as defined in Section 136 and 113 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

Perennially, workers at Steelmakers have bemoaned poor salaries and agonizing working conditions, blamable on their Indian paymasters.

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