Dollar Vibes, a Kwekwe-based Zimdancehall artist who was heinously killed following a misunderstanding with his estranged Baby Mama over a week ago had just recorded a track in which he prophesied his own death.

The soft-spoken late crooner, who was born Gilbert Foya, died on the spot after he was gruesomely attacked with a machete by a man who is reported to have been dating his former girlfriend whom he has a baby with.

The deceased chanter was given a hero’s send-off by members of the Kwekwe community who thronged Mbizo Cemetery in their thousands last week and in a song that aptly captured circumstances surrounding his own death, Dollar Vibes partly sang in one verse:

Ndakafira pa spot… Asi ndichadzoka ndave chighost (I died on the spot, but I’ll bounce back as a ghost)”.

In the same song, Dollar Vibes also took a jibe at music promoters and producers accusing them of sabotage and letting down upcoming musicians from small towns like Kwekwe.

Meanwhile, sources who spoke to Zwnews also said chaotic scenes characterized the late Kwekwe-based artist’s burial after acclaimed selector and music producer, DJ Fydale was physically assaulted by a group of irate youths who accused him of responsible for sabotaging local artists from the Midlands mining town.

“Fydale was publicly humiliated by the youths who were apparently high on some drugs. They (the youths) shouted unprintable expletives on him, saying he did not want to uplift the music careers of Zimdancehall artists from Kwekwe,” said an eyewitness who spoke to this publication.

DJ Fydale was not picking up calls from Zwnews during the time of publishing.