A Norton traditional based healer has ditched her husband for her married clients claiming the spirit medium on her never wanted her to give her to sleep with her husband.

Felistas Chabata, 43, ditched her husband Percy Matsiwo, 47, in Buhera and relocated to Norton, which is her new operating base.

Chabata told H-Metro that she was also sex-starved as her spirit never wanted her to bed Matsiwo forcing her to seduce some of her married clients.
She admitted to bedding two married men Tawedzerwa Kutadza, 42, a security guard and Felix Gonde, 46, a member of the uniformed forces.
“I got married to Matsiwo six years ago as his second wife,” said Chabata. “We were staying in Borrowdale while his first wife was at the village in Buhera.
“When his first wife passed on he remained in Buhera for a long time claiming that he wanted more
“Ini ndinosvikirwa; ndiri svikiro zvangu asi ndinodawo nguva nemurume wangu. I was sexually starved for some time leading me to be satiated by some of my clients.
“One of the clients is Tawedzerwa Kutadza who admired me and got attracted to my wealth that he ended up introducing me to his wife and relatives.
“Kutadza wanted my money more than me and I decided to leave him.
“Ndiye munhu ari kurwadziwa nekurambwa iyeye; ndiye akazoenda kumurume wangu achimuudza zvekudanana kwangu naFelix Gonde.
“Kutadza is refusing to come and collect some of his clothes he left at my place.
“My husband heard about my illicit affairs and started sending love messages to me.
“He is now pretending to be a good person but he is the one who ditched me and is refusing to acquire a birth certificate for our child,” said Chabata.
Chabata told H-Metro that Gonde fell in love with her when he visited her place for help.
“Gonde is married, mudzimai wake ndewenhaka saka ari kudawo neni.
“He admired me and we ended up in a serious relationship that he promised to pay lobola this December.
“This matter was raised by Kutadza leading Matsiwo to take it to social media out of jealousy,” she said.
Chabata opened up to H-Metro that she would deny Matsiwo his conjugal rights due to spirit mediums possessing her.
“Semudzimai anosvikirwa pane imwe nguva yandaisada kurara nemurume zvekuti simba randinonzwa kana precast wall ndinosvetuka.
Ndinorara ndakagara usiku nekuti husiku ndipo masvikiro anorwisa vavengi.
“Spirit mediums do not entertain quarrels and that would force me to leave my husband and stay in mountains.
“Yes, there is time I need my husband to quench that sexual appetite and we enjoy that during the day mostly.
“Ndiri svikiro rine twunhu twaro saka Gonde naKutadza vose vanofarira kugara neni vachida mari dzangu.
“Kutadza stays in Warren Park and he wants me to support his family financially; no no hazvipere mushe nekuti aiuya otora grocery ondopa mhuri yake,” said Chabata.
Kutadza confirmed his illicit affair with Chabata but refused to shed more light.
“We once had an affair and she is the traditional healer who made headlines for stopping mysterious stones in Buhera,” said Kutadza.
“I will tell you more later,” he said.
Gonde confirmed his affair with Chabata saying he found her single only to hear about Matsiwo some weeks ago.
“I found Chabata not attached to any man, she was a single mother,” said Gonde.
“She told me that she had separated with Matsiwo some time back.
“The person fighting my affair with Chabata is her former lover Kutadza.
“Matsiwo is trying to bulldoze his way back into a relationship he quit while Kutadza is trying to find his way back,” said Gonde.
Chabata, born in Zvimba village, told H-Metro that her marriage to Matsiwo started when she was on a church mission in Buhera.
Asked if she was a traditional or a faith healer, Chabata said she uses spirit mediums in her prophecies.
“It’s time for technology so today’s generation believes in prophets that is why I conduct my services in the name of church but the truth is that spirit mediums lead me,” said Chabata.

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