A 33-year-old Mt Darwin man was jailed 20 years for luring a woman he owed money to his house to collect it before rɑping her along the way.


Tsungirirai Kakondo appeared before Bindura Magistrate Amos Mbobo who suspended four years of the sentence on condition of good behaviour.


Prosecutor Tracy Dube told the court that sometime in April last year, Kakondo bought 210 empty bags of cement from the woman on credit.


The court heard that on May 16, 2022, Kakondo called the woman, inviting her to meet at Chihuri Bus Stop so that she could collect her money.


The two later met at the bus stop at around 5pm but Kakondo told the complainant that the money he intended to give her was at his home at Arcadia Village in Mt Darwin.


They agreed to go and collect the money at Kakondo’s homestead. Whilst on their way, Kakondo started making ƨǝxual advances which the complainant turned down.


The court heard that Kakondo held the woman by her arm but she managed to flee.


Kakondo gave chase and caught up with her. He slapped her twice on the face before pinning her to the ground and rɑpǝd her.


He then dragged her for about 20 metres from the road to his house where he repeatedly rɑpǝd her. He then pushed her into his bedroom, locked the door and went to bǝd leaving the complainant sitting on the sofa.


The complainant sent a message to a police officer, Assistant Inspector Mutyambizi reporting the matter.


Police officers teamed up and went to Kakondo’s homestead leading to his arrest.