Zanupf has never protected the people, the only things they have protected are power and loot…. stanley goreraza


It cannot be denied that there is a lot of hatred for Zanupf out there and the reasons for that hatred cannot be wished away.

Zanupf has been in power for 38 years and it is what they have done in those 38 years that they are hated for.

In the last 38 years Zanupf has been a destroyer. From lives to the economy, everything they touched died a slow death and all the people could do was watch.

Zimbabweans might not have been subjected to physical torture but they were certainly emotionally and psychologically tortured by Zanupf which is worse than physical torture which explains the hatred for Zanupf. Many might not have been arrested or beaten up by they were made to suffer economically, politically and socially and this suffering was protracted torture. Torture of the mind and torture of the heart.

ED and Zanupf must understand this. As people suffered they watched as Zanupf big wigs feasted and enjoyed luxuries they could only dream of. As many were thin from little to nothing to eat, many in Zanupf grew fat everyday, the likes of Obert Mpofu. Even today people can’t even get cash. For every $100 one has in their phone, Econet agents get $30 of that money leaving them with $70. Zanupf has failed to protect the people from Econet and its agents. Zanupf has never protected the people. The only things they have protected are power and loot.

So I understand perfectly why some hate ED and Zanupf. People have not forgotten 2008. People have not forgotten paying trillions as kombi fare from town to Mufakose. People remember Gukurahundi. People remember the Satanism of Murambatsvina.

Noone has ever been hated for doing good. So I also understand why people want a new political dispensation without Zanupf. 38 years is no joke.

People want change and they are justified in wanting it. Because they are desperate for change they are prepared to take a risk in a young man like Chamisa. People are just tired.

My caution to the people of Zimbabwe is Jonathan Moyo is not your friend. Patrick Zhuwao is not your friend. The NPF are not your friends. They are not going to help you change anything. They have their own interests and their number one interest and wish is a return to power. Remember these are the people who feasted during your hunger. They built 50 bedroom mansions during Murambatsvina. These are the people who tortured and killed you.

When the devil is injured and needs assistance, do not nurse him or assist him. When the devil is hungry, give him no food and let him starve.

When Satan falls, do not help him to his feet. The moment he is better, you will be his prey, you that helped him. stanley goreraza