Tobva Tadii Paya gang abused in jail, hospitalised

Senior prisoners pounce on Tobva Tadii Paya gang…leave them suicidal

The Zimbabwean teenage gang known as ‘Tobva tadii paya’ whose case grew popular on social media after going on a rap_ing  spree of se_x workers have reportedly urged all who have heard their story to accept them when they come back into the community.

Thobani Gazi (19) who is said to be the ring leader on the night of the rap_e, the video narrator Romeo Chirara (18) and Admire Chirongoma (18) are at Chinhoyi prison while the other boy is at Kadoma Reformatory.

According to reports, the trio said they were being subjected to inhuman torture in prison and Admire wanted to commit suicide after having been told to mastu_rbate in front of many people.

Romeo also said that the beatings he got in prison has led to him having health issues.

“I now have constant back pains and one of my teeth cracked such that it oozes puss periodically”

“I am in pain and I am no stranger to the clinic here in jail”

He revealed he once contemplated suicide at some point but his newfound faith has kept him strong.

Meanwhile Thulani said he is no stranger to prison. He was once thrown behind bars for stabbing a soldier in a fight.

However, the boys say they have accepted Jesus and would like to live clean lives following biblical principles. state media


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