Airforce of Zimbabwe Wing Commander Lambasts Mnangagwa Govt After Soldiers Kill Protesters

By Stanley Goreraza | One dead protester shot dead is unacceptable. 4 protesters shot dead is diabolical and those responsible must be made to account.

Zimbabweans are angry. They have hoped for and longed for change for too many years. You have to understand all those angry youths. They have never known a payslip in their lives. They live with their mothers and fathers at home with their wives.

Something has to give. Zanupf must understand why they are hated and why people want change.

Zanupf must give a new generation the chance to lead the country. They are past their sell by dates and retirement ages. They fought in the liberation war and have enjoyed power for 38 years. Let’s give others a chance please.

Izvizvi zvanyanya zvanyanya. You cannot kill people for wanting some relief in their lives. Have hearts for goodness sake.


Wing Commander Stanley Goreraza is an outspoken officer in the Air Force of Zimbabwe and the current defence attaché at the Zimbabwean embassy in China. Goreraza was formerly married to Grace Mugabe- Marufu