Sonja Madzikanda Speaks Out: Confirms Split from Wicknell Chivayo Amid Cheating Allegations

In a public declaration on Instagram, Sonja Madzikanda, the wife of controversial Zimbabwean businessman Wicknell Chivayo, has officially announced their separation, shedding light on the dissolution of their seven-year marriage. The revelation arrives amidst swirling speculations of Chivayo’s alleged involvement with South African influencer Mihlali Ndamase.

Madzikanda’s Instagram post, accompanied by a video, elucidates that she and Chivayo have been living apart for some time. While plans to announce their divorce were scheduled for May, Madzikanda felt compelled to address the circulating rumours promptly.

In her statement, Madzikanda clarifies that Chivayo is now single and urges the public to afford him the freedom to pursue his own romantic interests. Expressing gratitude for the support received during this tumultuous period, Madzikanda emphasizes her intent to prioritize her children amid the divorce proceedings.

Is Wicknell Bedding South African Infuencer Mihlali Ndamase

Meanwhile, conjecture surrounding Chivayo’s alleged rendezvous with Mihlali Ndamase has escalated, with social media ablaze with speculation about their purported romantic excursion. Chivayo, however, refutes these claims, asserting his unfamiliarity with Ndamase and lamenting the adverse effects of the unfounded rumours on his personal life.

As the saga unfolds, public attention remains fixated on the unfolding drama, underscoring the intricacies of personal relationships entangled within the public eye.

Wicknell & Mihlali