Image: Instagram

Songstress Rethabile Khumalo survived a horrific car accident.

However, people will only get to hear the full story on Thursday ahead of releasing a song on Friday.

Taking to her Instagram timeline on Wednesday afternoon Rethabile shared a mash-up video of herself injured and the car she was in when she was involved in the car accident that almost cost her her life.

“Don’t be hard on yourself, rather give yourself the chance to heal and have hopes again! Your failures do not define you because you are bigger than them.

“Trust your abilities and let hope bloom inside. You will do better in the future! Full story dropping,” she wrote.

In her mentions, her followers were touched by how far she has come and her healing.

“More grace. I’m so sorry you had to go through this. God bless,” wrote one.

Earlier this year Rethabile had loads to celebrate when she revealed she was officially off the market after getting engaged.

Proud mother and seasoned songstress Winnie Khumalo posted a video of her making the announcement.

“Today turned out to be one of the best days of my life because I said yes! I got engaged today. I’m so happy,” Rethabile said.

Looking at the brighter side of life and celebs who have survived horrific car accidents, Sbahle Mpisane has been keeping her followers updated with her progress.

She recently shared on her Instagram timeline that she thought about having a nose procedure after her horrific car accident in 2018 that left her with a badly broken nose.

“Before my car accident in 2018 I had one of the most beautiful nose structures which was badly damaged and I made an oath to myself in 2019 that I will fix it. I did this cosmetic surgery last Thursday with @drlestonn to finally improve the current appearance of my nose #AnsweredPrayers,” she wrote.