A leaked SK Khoza bedroom video which made its way into the public domain has broken the internet.

The controversial actor’s bedroom video was shared on social media by Mzansi celebrity writer and self-titled “gossip girl” Musa Khawula.

While sex scandals haven’t proven to be career suicide in this current era, the fact that SK Khoza is already known for his antics doesn’t do his public image any favours though.

The leaked video shows SK giving oral sex to a woman whose face is not identified and it has since gone viral and left many people talking.

But the actor does not seem too bothered and has since taken to social media to ask for privacy. In a post on Instagram, SK wrote,

“Why can’t I just be left alone in peace?”

Twitter has been awash with reactions about Khoza’s oral sex video, including this one from a social media user:

SK Khoza is always in trouble, why kanti bakithi…..why all these things only happens to him? D guy is cursed ngenke


Several months ago, videos of Khoza went viral on social media, prompting many people to wonder whether the star may have been under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Shortly after the videos were circulated online, Khoza wrote on his Instagram that he was “in a very dark place”.