The Sierra Leone Football Association is investigating possible match fixing after two First Division club matches ended 95-0 and 91-1  in what authorities labelled impractical results.

In the first match, Kahula Rangers  beat Lumbenbu United  95-0.

In another shocking result, Koquima Lebanon lost 91-1 to Gulf FC.

Following the unusual results, the local football governing body issued a statement saying that it has launched an investigation concerning the impractical results. This comes at a time when millions of Africans are now exposed to unregulated sport betting.

The situation in Sierra Leone is made all the more head-spinning by the fact that the half-time scores were only 2-0 and 7-1 respectively, which means second-half chaos of 93-0 and 84-0.

Kahunla Rangers chief executive Eric Kaitell has since issued a public statement in which he also condemned the ‘awkward’ results:

I want to start by apologising to the football fans in the country and the world at large for the odd match result of my club Kahunla Rangers.

I want to state firmly that I strongly condemn such unsportsmanlike behaviour displayed by my team, and the other teams involved.

I’m setting up a committee to investigate the whole team including the technical staff and the executive members, and whoever is found wanting will be dealt with accordingly.