Ministry of Finance Permanent Secretary George Guvamatanga who just celebrated his 50th birthday party amid extravagance, pomp and fanfare after he had hired top South African musicians where he even promised to pay five times more has been caught pants down in trying to explain the source of his wealth.

Meanwhile, responding to public questions over his lavish birthday party, where he got the money from, etc, Guvamatanga said he can’t pretend to be poor just in order to please anyone.

Apparently, it has been noted that Guvamatanga could be lying with regards to the source of his wealth as he tried to explain.

Last year Guvamatanga told The Herald that he worked for Barclays Bank for 30 years, (his source of wealth).

However, social media challenged and exposed his ‘lie’ that he worked for Barclays for 30 years by doing simple maths.

Since he was celebrating 50 years after leaving Barclays Bank in 2017, four years ago, this means this: 50-34=16.

Which says he had joined the bank at 16, which is obviously false.

Companies, let alone banks, in Zimbabwe don’t employ kids with 16 years because most of them would usually be still at high school.

There is no way Barclays would have employed a 16-year old kid at high school when there were college or university graduates looking for jobs.

The following questions comes up: Why is Guvamatanga lying?
What is he trying to hide?

What’s the issue at stake here? He says he made millions at the bank, but records show that he didn’t.

So where did he actually get the money from? That is the biggest question of this controversy.