Vesartile Zimbabwe-born hiphop artist, Flashy Torque, has taken a swipe at the widely adored #BlackLivesMatter concept, saying the phenomenon is not only ‘stupid’ but smacks of downright disregard of the truth as blacks oft do injustices against fellow blacks, with less or no particular attention given to it.

Born Tinashe Sibanda in Harare some 27 years ago, Flashy Torque (main picture) is currently busy in the studio working on a project that seeks to debunk the myths and misperceptions associated with the #BlackLivesMatter concept.


Speaking to this publication at his Kwekwe residence over the weekend, Flashy Torque said his upcoming single titled “Revive Black Pride (RBP)”, was inspired by the recent xenobhobic violence which gripped neighboring South Africa where residents from that country embarked on a bloody reign of terror targeting fellow Africans working and staying in the vast so-called rainbow nation.

“RPB is actually an answer to the #BlackLivesMatter concept which I must say is nothing short of a whole lot of bulls***,” Flashy Torque said.

“Black-on-black crimes are predominant in Africa and elsewhere, a scenario which invalidates ‘black lives matter’. I’m sure you actually got a feel of our demo track and the part where I emphasised on the need to leave white people out of the black people’s equation,” he added.

The 27-year old further quipped, saying:

“Black Lives should really matter with or without the whites. My upcoming single, RBP, touches on the essence of us being united as a people of the Black skin. That said, I must say also that the Whites were not gonna abuse us if we really treated black lives as really important”.

Revive Black Pride, whose demo track was availed to this reporter will be released mid-June, he said.