President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Spokesperson George Charamba has challenged Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to post pictures of his current tours in order to prove that he still commands huge following.

Charamba asks Chamisa why he is using file pictures from the 2018 period ‘when he was more popular’ and not current ones.


“Why does a party whose leader is on a meet-the-community tour rely on file picture from 2018?? What images emerge from current tour?

“Another kwesheni maka ngi!” He says.

Charamba insinuates that Chamisa is cropping current tour images so that people don’t see that he no longer command huge following anymore.

“Why is this picture tightly cropped? What occupies the rest of the frame? Kwesheni maka nga!!!!!” Asks Charamba.

Charamba implied that President Mnangagwa is commanding huge following than Chamisa.