Tinevimbo Gapare (6) (name changed to protect the identity of the minor) is a victim of sexual abuse.

According to reports, the relative who raped did so after taking sexual libido boosters.

Apparently, Gapare’s case is not uncommon where rape perpetrators are said to have taken sexual boosters and later fail to control their growing desire for sex.

Social commentator, Chenai Pedzi urges people not to overdose themselves with sexual libido boosters, saying there are undesirable outcomes.

She also says people should not take such substances when their lovers are not readily available to serve them.

Meanwhile, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa recently declared war on drug and substance abuse ordering the police arrest anyone found high on drugs.

In most scenarios, when people talk of drug and substance abuse, the main focus is given on drugs or substances bronclear, mbanje, cocaine and the likes.

This leaves some wondering if abnormal or extreme use of sexual libido boosters be classified as substance abuse, moreso when they are associated with other ills.

Social media platforms have been invaded with adverts such “bedroom power” How to satisfy your woman, etc, with advantages proffered including; increases sperm count, improved sperm mortality and density, strengthens sexual ability through replenishing the kidneys, increases sexual desire of men, enhances the oxygen content in blood which helps in penis erection for normal sexual performance.

But, most supplements for sexual function have not been studied scientifically,” says Luigi Simone, MD, a primary care physician at Scripps Clinic in Encinitas.

This means they may have a bad effect, which is not insignificant, but as far as the claims of increasing libido or sexual endurance, those have definitely not been proven.

“Remember, it’s always best to talk to your doctor about any sexual health problem that you may be experiencing.

“Do not self-diagnose and think that supplements are going to cure or prevent a problem from occurring,” Dr. Simone says. “Your doctor can discuss any sexual concern you may have and determine if there is an underlying cause for your symptoms that needs to be treated.

“If you have sexual side effects from medication you can ask your doctor if you can change your medication. Your doctor can also help you determine which supplements, if any, might help you.”

In related news, a number of reported rape cases have been attributed to drug-facilitated sexual abuse.

Drug-facilitated sexual assault occurs when alcohol or drugs are used to compromise an individual’s ability to consent to sexual activity. In some instances, rape victims are intoxicated first, so that they can not be in clear senses during the act.

These substances make it easier for a perpetrator to commit sexual assault because they lower inhibitions, reduce a person’s ability to resist, and can prevent them from remembering details of the assault. Drugs and alcohol can cause diminished capacity, a legal term that varies in definition from state to state.

Apparently, at least 22 women are raped daily in Zimbabwe with an average of one rape taking place per 75 minutes translating to an average of 646 women being violated each month, according to the Zimbabwe Gender Commission.

The Commission also reports that one in three girls is also raped or sexually assaulted before they reach the age of 18.5 years and the vast majority of sexual offences are committed by men against women, children and other men.

Zimbabwe Gender Commission chairperson Commissioner Margaret Mukahanana-Sangarwe said statistics of rape in Zimbabwe were alarming and on the increase.