In a recent breakthrough, Zimbabwe law enforcement authorities successfully apprehended two Tanzanian nationals, Malaji Arabi Saidi and Shimdavala Mohamedi Shomari, who had been engaging in a series of car break-ins and thefts of valuable items. Their capture came after a crucial clue: a pair of AirPods they had stolen from one of their victims.

The duo’s crime spree was curtailed when law enforcement managed to trace them to a lodge in Eastlea, following the signal emitted by the stolen AirPods. Upon their arrest, police recovered a cache of stolen goods from the suspects, including laptops, laptop chargers, wristwatches, WiFi dongles, an iPad, and gate remotes believed to be used in bypassing car central locking systems.

During court proceedings, details emerged regarding the thieves’ modus operandi. Tapiwa December Chingozho became a victim on March 14 when he parked his vehicle along George Silundika Avenue. Shortly after, he received a notification on his iPhone 15 indicating that his iPad had been disconnected from his phone. Despite this, Chingozho did not immediately report the incident.

The criminals struck again on March 23, this time targeting Chingozho’s AirPods while he was at the Avondale Shopping Centre. It was only after this incident that Chingozho decided to report the theft to the authorities. The pivotal moment occurred on March 24, when Chingozho noticed his AirPods reconnecting to his phone while in Eastlea. Swiftly, he informed the police, leading to the subsequent arrest of Saidi and Shomari.

This arrest serves as a significant breakthrough in combating vehicle-related thefts, highlighting the effectiveness of innovative investigative techniques in tracking down perpetrators and recovering stolen property.

state media