South African digital content creator and beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase found herself at the center of swirling rumors while enjoying her time in Miami, United States. Despite indulging in the sunshine and vibrant atmosphere of the city, speculation arose regarding her alleged romance with Zimbabwean businessman Wicknell Chivayo.

The rumor mill kicked into high gear when tweets surfaced suggesting that Ndamase had a new beau in Chivayo, with some even claiming they were vacationing together in Miami. However, Chivayo swiftly took to his official Instagram account to set the record straight, vehemently denying any romantic involvement with the famous South African media personality.

In his Instagram post, Chivayo labeled the rumors as “utterly absurd” and “baseless falsehoods,” attributing their origin to an attention-seeking blogger. He emphasized that the rumors were fabricated out of a desire for online attention, particularly after Chivayo’s recent social media post showcasing his luxury purchase of a 2024 Rolls Royce Spectre.

Acknowledging the attention his opulent lifestyle often attracts online, Chivayo asserted his commitment to protecting his reputation and putting an end to what he described as “spurious and defamatory controversies.” Meanwhile, Ndamase, who had previously been romantically linked to businessman Leeroy Sidambe, found herself once again amidst public scrutiny regarding her personal life.

The clarification from both Ndamase and Chivayo serves to dispel the dating rumors and redirect focus back to their respective careers. Despite the gossip, Ndamase remains dedicated to her role as a prominent digital content creator and influencer, while Chivayo continues to navigate the complexities of fame and public attention.

Wicknell & Mihlali